Number of teenagers in prison falls, it is claimed

The number of under 17-year-old children being held in prison
settings is beginning to fall according to the chairperson of the
Youth Justice Board, writes Clare

Lord Warner said the juvenile estate was now running at around
83 per cent capacity compared to 90 per cent at one point last
year. Infact In August last year the juvenile estate was full with
over 100 per cent capacity a YJB spokesperson confirmed.

“People in courts are buying into intensive programmes in the
community, even with some prolific offenders,” Warner said.

He was speaking at the launch of a pilot project ‘Planned
Resettlement Into Sustainable Employment’ in London. The scheme
aims to tackle reoffending more effectively by improving the
resettlement of young offenders aged 16-18 years.

Meanwhile, the Prison Reform Trust will call for urgent action
to address the needs of young fathers in prison, at a conference in
London on Thursday.

Around a quarter of under 21-year-old males in custody are
believed to be fathers, which is six times the national average.
The trust claims they receive inadequate support to become positive
role models for their children, and are unable to maintain strong
family ties.

Research shows that maintaining good family links can reduce a
prisoner’s risk of re-offending by six times, and children who have
a father with a criminal record are more likely to become criminals

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