Less reconvictions for young offenders

The government claims reconviction rates for young offenders
have fallen by more than a fifth in the last six years.

New figures from the home office show a 22.5 per cent fall. A
spokesperson credited new reprimand and final warning schemes,
which replaced repeat cautions, as being responsible for the
improved situation.

Reprimands were responsible for a 47 per cent drop in
reconvictions and final warnings a 19.3 per cent fall.

The reconviction rate for females fell from 35.8 to 13 per cent
since 1997, and for males from 50.8 to 30 per cent..

For 11-year-olds the rates have fallen 38.7 per cent for males
and 66.1 per cent for females.

Reprimands are given for low or medium level offences, followed
by a final warning for a further offence and then a criminal

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