Disabled people in London twice as likely to be jobless

Disabled Londoners are twice as likely to be unemployed as
non-disabled Londoners, and are paid 20 per cent lower wages than
those in equivalent jobs, according to a new London Health
Commission report.

The report, which looks at the range of factors that influence
health across London’s boroughs and communities, includes a focus
on the experience of disabled Londoners to mark 2003 as the
European Year of Disabled People.

It found that 28 per cent of disabled Londoners wanted to work,
but did not have a job compared to 11 per cent of non-disabled
Londoners, and that they are more likely to work part time.

The research goes on to highlight the low take up rate of health
services, such as cancer screening, amongst disabled people and
their low level of educational achievement compared to those who
are able bodied.

It concludes by highlighting the lack of research and
information on many aspects of disabled people’s lives, and calls
for more work to be done.

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