Wednesday 9 April 2003

By David Callaghan, Nicola Barry and Alex

Welfare spending increases by 50pc under

The Labour government has increased spending on welfare benefits
by 50 per cent, and the share of public spending devoted to welfare
is set to continuing rising until the end of this parliament.

In cash terms welfare spending will rise to £140 billion by
2006, an increase of nearly 50 per cent since 1997.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Wednesday 9 April page 9

Appeal court backs ‘designer baby’ couple

A couple have won the right to select an embryo with a tissue
match to their four-year-old son, who has a rare blood disorder
inherited from his parents.

Shahana and Raj Hashmi have the backing of the Human
Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in their battle to use
’tissue typing’ to create a new baby with a stem cell match. Zain
needs a bone marrow or stem cell transplant or he will die. At the
moment he needs a 12-hour blood transfusion every week.

The court of appeal decided to overturn a high court ruling
against the procedure, which has been labelled as the selection of
a ‘designer baby’.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 April page 13

Asylum centre ‘is crucial to reform’

A public inquiry opened yesterday into the proposed siting of an
accommodation centre for 750 asylum seekers in the Nottinghamshire
countryside. The inquiry must decide if the plan for the centre on
a former RAF base at Bingham should be allowed to go ahead.

Former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, a local MP, is among the
opponents to the scheme.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 April page 15

Guardian Society

Tower block turmoil

Inquiry critical of private agency housing asylum seekers

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 April page 5

Welfare gap

At-risk children ‘in limbo’, says top judge

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 April page 5

Sounds of celebration

Legal victory for autistic residents in noise nuisance case

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 April page 5

Choice matters

Mike George on a course that examines sex and sexuality for
those working with people with learning disabilities

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 April page

Scottish newspapers

Community worker abused boys

A community worker yesterday admitted sexually assaulting nine
young boys over a 12-year period while employed by a family support

The high court in Glasgow heard that Graham Hammond befriended
the boys at the Family Action at Rogerfield and Easterhouse (FARE)
Project in Glasgow, which is recognised by the social work

Lord Kirkwood will sentence Hammond on April 29.
Source:- The Herald Wednesday 9th April page 10

I am not a baby killer

A mother accused of murdering her seven children more than 30
years ago has protested her innocence. She told the Daily
last night she had nothing to do with the deaths,
claiming “a lot of lies” had been told.

Roberta Bibby was reported to police after confessing to a
psychiatrist that she had killed six baby sons and a baby daughter.
All the children died over a period of 13 years, starting in

A spokesperson for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed that an
investigation into the children’s deaths was ongoing.

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 9th April page 37

Welsh newspapers

School in deprived town claims best inspection in

A school in one of the most socially deprived areas of Wales is
claiming the best inspection report in the principality in recent

Despite being in an area of economic disadvantage where more
than a fifth of pupils receive free school meals, Cyfartha High
school in Merthyr Tydfil won high praise from inspectors in a
recent report.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 April page 9

Neglect them at our peril

A half- page feature looking at the crisis in the independent
care home sector in Wales.

The story looks at recent moves by care home owners to gain more
recognition from the Welsh assembly over the closure of residential
and nursing homes for older people. They argue that this is because
of the low fees paid by many local authorities in Wales, and the
effects of the Care Standards Act on the way homes are run.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 April page 12

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