Nearly one in five children have unemployed parents

Almost a fifth of children – including a third of Muslim
children – live in households where no adult works, according
to new figures from the 2001 census, writes Amy
Two in five Muslim children are also subjected to overcrowding,
compared to an average of just over one in 10, and one in eight
Muslim children live in a household with no central heating.

Figures also reveal above average rates of poor adult health
among black and ethnic minority groups, and that unemployment rates
among Bangladeshi and Pakistani men are more than twice as high as
those of their white British equivalents.

The latest census data also reveals that nearly a quarter of
children now live in single parent families, nine out of 10 of
which are headed by women. Further movement away from the
traditional family is shown by more than one in 10 children living
in a step-family, and only two thirds of children living with both
natural parents.

 Other figures show that nearly 4,000 people aged 90 or over are
providing 50 or more hours of unpaid care a week, and over a
quarter of a million of people aged 16-74, who are permanently
disabled or sick, provide some unpaid care.

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