Benefit loss threat is ‘discriminatory’

The Local Government Association has branded government plans to
remove housing benefit from tenants acting antisocially as
“discriminatory” and “the worst form of knee-jerk reaction”.

In response to the Department for Work and Pensions consultation
paper, councillor Richard Kemp, chairperson of the LGA housing
executive, said it was “nothing less than discriminatory” to punish
tenants when there was no equal penalty earmarked for offenders who
did not receive benefits.

“This is an insult to the vast majority of tenants and I’d like to
see the evidence which indicates that housing benefit claimants
behave in a worse manner than anyone else,” Kemp said.

He said the plans contradicted several other government priorities,
such as social inclusion, reducing reoffending and the prevention
of homelessness. He warned the measures could lead to more
households presenting themselves as homeless to local authorities,
resulting in more pressure on strained resources.

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