Care in the capital

Community Care is pleased to announce the launch of
this year’s Care in the Capital campaign.

Following the success of last
year’s Care in the Capital campaign, this year’s focus
is on retention.

Recruitment and retention is one of the biggest challenges
facing social services, especially in London and not enough is
being done!

Community Care believes there is a need to: Raise awareness of
the positive roles of social care workers and encourage people to
consider careers in the profession.

This year’s campaign will focus on retention problems
faced by social care agencies in London and the need for a
co-ordinated strategy and more resources.

Care in the Capital
15-19 September 2003

The awareness week will include:

  • A major report exploring retention issues within social work in
  • A campaign launch with an invited audience of decision-makers
    and press.
  • Retention masterclasses – for all London managers in
    social care.
  • Job shadow: a celebrity spends a day as a social care
  • ‘Caring London‘ survey.
  • Media toolkit to be distributed to London social care employers
    to help them participate in the week.
  • Concluding symposium of major influencers and decision-makers
    within social care.

But we need help and support to make sure this campaign is

  • Help us spread the word to colleagues in your
  • Promote your organisation’s best practice during the
  • Highlight recruitment and retention issues during the
  • Help with our media work.
  • Use the Care in the Capital Week logo on all your
  • Let others know it is a job worth doing and celebrate your

To find out more and how you can get involved, contact Community
Care on: 020 8652 4861.


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