Specific campaign aims

Specific Aims:

Improve processes

  • To call for the streamlining of procedures to make it easier to
    access grants to help those seeking refuge and in need
  • Community Care wants to see improved procedures for
    dealing with refugee applications to minimise the number of wrong

Bring an end to unjustified/degrading

  • To demand an end to the detention of children seeking refuge
    and ensure they are treated according to international human rights
    legislation and the Children Act 1989
  • To call on government to end the detention of asylum seekers in
    prison conditions when they have committed no crime

Protection of children

  • To urge all local authorities to include specific reference to
    children seeking refuge when devising and evaluating local policies
    on child protection, social inclusion and child and adolescent
    mental health services
  • To call on local authorities to make full assessments of
    unaccompanied children seeking refuge and ensure those deemed
    “at risk” are dealt with appropriately and not just
    treated as “in need”
  • To urge the government to ensure the development of proper care
    plans for children and young people seeking refuge at the earliest
  • To make sure that unaccompanied children seeking refuge are not
    dispersed at 18 against their best interests 

Racism and tolerance

  • To call on national and local politicians to cut out
    racist/inflammatory language and to meet with asylum seekers and
    refugees in their area to hear their stories
  • To encourage both professionals and politicians to highlight
    the valuable contribution asylum seekers and refugees can make to
    the community
  • To urge the home office to monitor racist incidents and
    verbal/physical abuse against asylum seekers and refugees

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