First restorative justice scheme in Scotland launched

Glasgow Council launched the first restorative justice scheme in
Scotland aimed at tackling youth crime, backed by Scottish
Executive funding of nearly £1 million over two years.

The initiative will ensure that 500 young people aged under 16
who commit offences will be given the opportunity to face up to
their actions, and may be required to meet their victims. A team of
10 specialist staff at the local authority will work with the
city’s children’s panel, fire service, health board and
police to implement the scheme.

The idea of establishing this approach in Glasgow was first put
forward by the council’s community safety partnership and was
developed over two years.

Glasgow council head of restorative justice service Alan Speirs
said: “At present very little or nothing is done to confront
under 16s involved in disorder and petty crime and most people find
this unacceptable. Restorative justice will change all

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