Directors admit heatwave was a “wake-up call”

The number of deaths during the summer heatwave has been a
“wake-up call” for social services departments,
according to directors, writes Natasha

The Office for National Statistics said there were 907 more
deaths in Britain in the week to 15 August than has been normal for
the past five years. During that week temperatures soared to above

Local authorities have strategies to deal with the effects of
the cold on older people in winter, but there is a lack of similar
support and planning for the summer.

Glenys Jones, chairperson of the Association of Directors of
Social Services older people’s committee, said: “I think the
whole country is geared up for the winter instead of the summer,
and I think this has been a bit of a wake-up call.

“There is winter pressures money and those of us in social
services have always been aware that there is an August pressure as

Jane Alston, service manager for older people at Bournemouth
Council, said: “We do have a huge winter programme, but
because it’s so rare to have extremely hot weather there
isn’t the equivalent in summer. This isn’t something
I’d thought about before but I will do now.”

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