On-the-spot fines for parents of truants

Education welfare officers, headteachers and police would be
given powers to issue £100 fines to the parents of children
who are persistent truants, writes Sally

The move, which is an alternative to prosecuting parents who do
not ensure their child’s regular attendance at school, is one
of a range of measures in guidance issued for consultation this

The document, which offers guidance on the best use of
anti-social behaviour powers, was issued by the Home Office and
Department for Education and Skills.

It also proposes introducing parenting orders and contracts for
those whose children have regularly missed school and have failed
to improve their attendance.

Education minister Ivan Lewis said children had “a
fundamental right to education”, and parents had to play a
role in ensuring they attend school regularly.

“Where parents are simply unwilling to fulfil their
responsibilities, it must be right that society demands legal
sanctions, and penalty notices for truancy, and parenting orders
for behaviour will provide due accountability,” he said.

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