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Working Together for Healthy Young Minds – A Practitioner’s

Steven Walker, Russell House Publishing, £26.45 including
p&p. Contact 01297 443948 or visit

This workbook is a “must” for anyone working with children and
young people, writes mental health social worker Patsy Tams. Early
intervention is a key theme. I particularly welcome the section on
resilience in assessment, although more on the nature of resilient
children and how their coping skills can be transferred to other
children would have been illuminating. The emphasis on adopting a
children’s rights perspective is reflected in the excellent chapter
on service effectiveness and evaluation. It enables the user to
test if the learning objectives have been met at the end of each
chapter with a learning review.

Organising Successful Learning Events

Alan Dearling, Russell House Publishing, £19.95 including
p&p. Contact 01297 443948 or visit

This guide meets the author’s claim that he “cannot think of
anything he may have missed” in relation to organising events,
writes regional training and development manager Caroline Morris.
There are easily navigable checklists and narratives that ensure
training, workshops and conferences run smoothly. Sections start
with aims, and continue through to planning and preparation and
styles of event. Information is geared towards the care sector and
takes into account the emphasis placed on training and how this
might differ from commerce and industry. The guide forms a firm
base on which to start planning training and events. Organisers can
build on this and develop their own checklists and methods,
tailored to their own needs.

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