Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons  
Edited by Lena Dominelli and Wanda Thomas Bernard.
Ashgate Publishing
ISBN 0754619451

A principal aim of this book is “to develop analytical frameworks and theories that facilitate international child welfare practice”. It details the experiences of participants in an international exchange programme in social work funded by the European Union and Canada as part of the Child Abuse, Protection and Welfare Project.

Contributions to the book range from the more theoretical to personal accounts by students whose lives and practice were greatly affected by placements in countries as diverse as the Netherlands and India. The demanding organisational arrangements for the exchanges are covered in other contributions.

The context is the globalisation of welfare and the internationalisation of social work in particular. We simply cannot afford to ignore how social work is understood and practised in other cultures, a message that has to be translated into social work training and international exchange programmes. “Global is local and local is global” may sound glib but it expresses a 21st century reality that cannot be ignored.

The book is well edited although its use of language jars at times. It is an important publication for social work but at £50 is an expensive purchase.

Brian Munday is honorary senior research fellow in international social care, University of Kent.

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