Thursday 29 January 2004

By David Callaghan, Clare Jerrom and Alex

Services ‘improving modestly’ despite extra
The government’s increased investment in public
services since 1999 has failed to deliver a significant improvement
in the quality of services, the Institute of Fiscal Studies has
The NHS has been promised growth in expenditure of 7 per cent every
year until 2007-08, but overall public spending is set to drop to 3
per cent. This is a fall from 4.7 per cent under the period of the
current spending review.
Opinion polls show the public do not believe the government’s
extra spending on public services will deliver the improvements it
hopes for. The institute speculates that Chancellor Gordon Brown
will allow departments to carry money over from one year to another
following underspends.
Source: Financial Times Thursday 29 January page 9
Diet in pregnancy may affect child’s

Breast feeding and a good diet for the mother during pregnancy may
help a child to live longer, new research has suggested.
Scientists carried out experiments on mice and found that if the
mother had breast fed the pups and been given a high protein diet
then the pups lived two months longer.
The study by Nicholas Hales and Susan Ozanne at Cambridge
University may have implications for human beings, according to the
study in ‘Nature’ magazine.
Other research has already suggested that low birth weight and
premature birth are linked to health problems throughout
Source:- The Independent Thursday 29 January page 10
Teenager jailed for rape and murder of woman, 79
A teenager was given two life sentences at Northampton
crown court for a the rape and murder of a grandmother. Lee Brown,
who is now 19, burgled Joan Biggs’ home last January before
cutting her throat and leaving her body on a cooker’s lit
Source:- The Independent Thursday 29 January page 6
£5.1m for girl confined to wheelchair after

A 12-year-old girl has been awarded damages of £5.1 million by
a high court judge after she lost both her legs in a car
Tania Chapman-Fortune from Sussex also lost much of the use of her
arms and needs a 24-hour care regime. The damages claim was against
Carrie Elphick, her nanny, who was driving the car. The damages
will be paid by insurers.
Source:-  The Independent Thursday 29 January page 6
Scottish newspapers
Hospital fined £10,000 over patient’s suicide

Legal history was made yesterday when a Scottish hospital admitted
failing to take adequate measures to prevent a psychiatric patient
from hanging herself in her room. Sunnyside hospital in Montrose,
Angus, was fined £10,000 after admitting that staff failed to
remove window fixtures previously identified as a hanging risk in
Rhona McDonald’s room. Tayside Primary Care NHS Trust accepted
responsibility for McDonald’s death at Airbroth sheriff
Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 29 January
Police predict rise in cannabis dealing
The declassification of cannabis is likely to lead to a significant
increase in drug dealing, according to an official police document
distributed to all Scottish forces. As Home secretary David
Blunkett downgrades cannabis from a Class B to a Class C drug,
officers from the National Criminal Intelligence Service have
produced a report warning of the predicted effects and how to deal
with them. Officers believe the increase in cannabis dealing will
also influence a rise in the trafficking and seizure of Class A
Source:- The Herald Thursday 29 January
Paedophile in court challenge to internet

The first sex offender in the UK banned from using the internet
returned to court yesterday to challenge the ban.
Derick Robertson has been subject to a “no internet access” ruling
since December last year after he was caught with more than 1,000
images of child pornography on his computer. Robertson still has a
computer at home and claimed social workers had found it virtually
impossible to operate the order. He wants the court to change the
ruling to enable him to go online anytime providing he does not
access pornography.
Source:- The Herald Thursday 29 January
Welsh newspapers
Police tackle school gangs

Police have mounted a special operation to crackdown on feuding
gangs of youths, at two south Wales schools.
More than 20 officers took part in the operation, the first of its
kind in the area, in an effort to end rivalry between teenagers
from Ebbw Vale and Glyn Coed Comprehensive schools.
There have been more than 200 complaints from residents over the
last four months over incidents involving young people fighting
with one another.
Source:- South Wales Argus Wednesday 28 January page 1
MS widow’s care costs soar 500%
A multiple sclerosis sufferer says that she will have to
pay 500 per cent more for her home care under proposed increases
from Monmouthshire Council.
Gillian James has written to the council to object, but the council
said that the proposals are in line with Welsh assembly
James said that at present the cost of her five hours of personal
care comes to £8 each week, but under the new charges she
would have to pay £40.
Source:- South Wales Argus Wednesday 28 January page 5
Dramatic way to break the vicious circle of

A half-page feature looking at the use of revolutionary Brazilian
theatre techniques that are being used to transform the lives of
young people who self-harm.
Wales has a high number of young people who deliberately harm
themselves, and Project Amber uses drama to help suffers overcome
their problems.
Source:- Western Mail Thursday 29 January page 12

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