Thursday 5 February 2004

By Natasha Salari, Amy Taylor, Clare Jerrom and Alex

No benefits for two years, Blair tells EU

The prime minister has closed a loophole which could have meant the
UK paying welfare benefits to thousands of immigrants from the 10
countries which join the EU in May.
They will now have to support themselves for up to two years before
they can claim, it was revealed at prime minister’s question
Conservative leader Michael Howard had demanded to know why Britain
was almost alone in allowing unrestricted entry from the 10 new
member countries.
Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 5 February page 2
Families facing extra £40 a week for their
child’s place at nursery

Free nursery places for middle class children could be axed to free
up more money for the poorest families, the children’s
minister Margaret Hodge has revealed.
She has complained that less well-off families cannot afford to pay
for extra hours on top of the free nursery care they already
receive. Currently all four-year-olds and most three-year-olds are
meant to receive two and half hours of free nursery care each
The Department for Education and Skills has confirmed that it is
planning a shake-up of nursery provision.
Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 5 February page 4
Scottish newspapers
Safety checks on all Scottish care homes

All Scottish care homes are to have their safety measures checked
by firefighters following the fire at a care home in Uddingston
which killed 14 older people.
Justice minister Cathy Jamieson made the announcement to the
Scottish Parliament yesterday, and said there would be a public
inquiry into how the fire at Rosepark nursing home on Saturday
claimed so many lives.
Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 5 February
Kirk leaders back vice-girl tolerance zones
Tolerance zones for prostitutes have been backed by Kirk ministers
and elders in the capital.
The Church of Scotland’s Edinburgh presbytery agreed by an
overwhelming majority to urge MSPs to back Margo McDonald’s
bill to allow councils to set up the zones.
The presbytery social and community interests committee had been
warned that rejecting the zones would leave vice girls at increased
risk of violence.
Source:- Evening News Wednesday 4 February
Services to blind at risk
For the first time in its long history the Cardiff Institute for
the Blind (CIB) needs to raise money urgently to continue helping
individuals to retain their independence.
The crisis has come about because of a shortfall in donations to
the Royal National Institute for the Blind, which was CIB’s
main partner.
Carys Henry of the CIB said the charity had to raise £350,000
every year to carry on with its work.
Source:- South Wales Echo Wednesday 4 February pages 20- 21
Tanni a victim of parking rage
Tanni Grey-Thompson the Welsh wheelchair athlete has revealed that
she was the victim of supermarket parking rage for being disabled
and a mother.
Another shopper remonstrated with her and told her that she had no
right to use a designated parent and child parking space as she was
disabled. When Tanni pointed out that she was also the mother of a
small child, she said the shopper appeared upset that she was
entitled to park in two special places.
Source:- Western Mail Thursday 5 February page 1
Teacher backs Afghan teen
Friends and staff of a Welsh college are supporting an Afghan
teenage girl whose father sewed his lips together after his asylum
application was turned down.
Herai Kousha, aged 17, has enrolled at Swansea College on a science
course, and is terrified at the prospect of having to return to
She is concerned that her father will face persecution if the
family have to return to their homeland because he is a communist.
She said her father has lost faith in the British asylum appeals
Source:- Western Mail Thursday 5 February page 11

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