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Plans for sector skills council dropped
Proposals to create a dedicated sector skills
council for the children’s workforce outlined in the green
paper are likely to be dropped, according to Topss England
chairperson Arthur Keefewrites Sally
Feb 17, 2004

Clouds of uncertainty

The government made it clear with the publication
of its children’s green paper Every Child Matters last
September that preventive services and support for parents were
central to its vision for improving the lives of children.

Feb 12, 2004 

Job losses threaten work on children bill
Job cuts at the Department for Education and Skills
may run into four figures adding to fears that work on the
children’s bill may be endangered.

Feb 12, 2004 

New structures could put children at greater risk, commission
The new Commission for Social Care Inspection has
warned that the integration of education and social services
outlined in the green paper could put children at greater risk,
writes Natasha Salari.
Dec 15, 2003

Green paper inspires bill to protect children but the jury is
out on trusts
The introduction of legislation to safeguard
children and protect their rights will be a main plank of the
government’s plans for next year, it was confirmed last week.
Dec 4, 2003

Will green paper prevent mistakes by professionals?
The Victoria Climbié inquiry revealed much
decision-making based on mistaken assumptions. How does the green
paper on children ‘Every Child Matters’ approach such flawed
thinking, asks Amy Weir.

Dec 1, 2003

Setback for green paper as agencies submit critical counter
From the concept of the lead professional to the
three-tiered approach to services, organisations are queuing up to
find fault in government plans, writes Derren Hayes.

Nov 27, 2003

Too much too soon
All local authorities are expected to have
children’s trusts up and running by 2006 even though the pathfinder
evaluation will not be complete by then. Many professionals are
concerned that it is an impossible timetable, reports Natalie
Nov 27, 2003

Children’s services chiefs raise fears over speed of green paper
Leaders of children’s services in the public and
voluntary sector have raised concerns about the scope and
implementation of the government’s children’s green paper.
Nov 13, 2003

Green paper could lead to financial crisis, government
Children’s services leaders have warned that
reforms proposed under the green paper on children could lead to a
financial crisis, writes Derren
Nov 5, 2003

Will education take control?
Worries are surfacing that the appointment of
children’s services directors proposed in the green paper on
children will see education favoured as a source of candidates
rather than social services. Katie Leason
Nov 4, 2003

Government to press ahead with new children’s director despite
Children’s minister Margaret Hodge revealed this week that the
government will press ahead with parts of the children’s
green paper, including the children’s director in each council,
despite opposition from social care sector leaders,
writes Clare Jerrom.
Oct 22, 2003

Clarke reassures social care it will not lose out to
Education secretary Charles Clarke went to great lengths to
reassure social services officers and councillors that
children’s social services would not lose out to education,
financially or otherwise, writes Lauren
Oct 16, 2003

Government told to slow down on children’s trust
The government’s proposal to roll out children’s
trusts across the country by 2006 before the model has been
evaluated has been criticised by leading figures in social care and
education, writes Amy Taylor.
Oct 6, 2003

Every worker matters too
The green paper, Every Child Matters, is
set to transform the shape of children’s services in this
Sep 26, 2003

Commissioner on the cards
After years of campaigning by children’s
charities and children’s rights groups the government is
proposing to establish a children’s commissioner for
Sep 26, 2003

Plans for radical changes in young people’s
A unique identification number for every child and
young person in England, plus new powers for agencies to share
information about children and their families have been proposed in
the long-awaited green paper on children’s services.
Sep 26, 2003

Is the vision clear – or blurred?
Polly Neate finds that while some professionals
believe the concentration on improving the quality of lives is a
big advance on previous documents, others are saying that the green
paper will overload an already stretched system.
Sep 18, 2003

Hodge warns against divided services
Children’s minister Margaret Hodge has warned
that care must be taken to prevent a return to divided social
services as the proposals in the green paper are implemented,
writes Sally Gillen.
Sep 17, 2003

The will is there, but is the money?
What do the proposals in the green paper on
children ‘Every Child Matters’ mean for the professionals who will
be charged with putting them into practice? Our team of experts
assess the likely impact
Sep 14, 2003

Clarke puts onus on integration in drive to reform children’s
Sally Gillen talks to education secretary Charles
Clarke about how bringing children’s services under one
departmental roof has laid the basis for greater co-operation.
Sep 11, 2003

Charles Clarke talks to Community Care
Education secretary Charles Clarke, who launched the green
paper on children, was interviewed by Community Care. He explains
the thinking behind the document’s main points.
Interview by Sally Gillen
Sep 10, 2003

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