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Outcomes into Practice: A Resource Pack for Managers and

Elinor Nicholas et al. York Publishing Services. Price £90
plus £4.20 p&p. Contact: 01904 431213 or e-mail:

Many managers wish that the care plans they signed off were more
creative, writes locality director, Robert Nesbitt. Practitioners
too, struggle to bring flair to care management. For both groups,
this training pack is a source of inspiration. The pack is
evidence-based with the voices of users, carers and practitioners
loud and clear throughout. It forms a complete resource kit
(including a CD-Rom with PowerPoint presentations) for trainers and
managers who want to promote effective, outcomes-based, care
planning. There is a lot of theory here, although it is well paced
and illuminated with case examples. However, it requires time and
concentration to make the most of its contents.

Living Safer Sexual Lives

Patsie Frawley et al. Pavilion Publishing. £225 plus
£22.50 p&p. Contact: 01273 623222 or e-mail

This pack from La Trobe University, Australia, doesn’t hit the spot
at all, writes Kathryn Stone, director of Voice UK. It’s a
confusing mish-mash of ideas bundled together as a “resource”. The
plain English versions of the resource sheets were for the most
part the same as the other versions but in bigger font – as if
somehow things became clearer in bigger letters. Having said that
some phrases were partially explained: “…piloted (tried out) and
evaluated.” We also wondered why Molly, one of the women in the
video, does not see herself as having a learning difficulty when
she clearly does. And why, when imagining Molly’s wedding, is a
model in full meringue frock used and not Molly herself? This pack
just doesn’t work.

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