Parents throw out more than 15,000 children each year

More than 15,000 under-16s are thrown out of their family homes
in the UK each year by abusive or neglectful parents, according to
research by The Children’s Society, writes Clare

One in five of these children are physically or sexually
assaulted while away from home, and as few children are ever
reported to the police as missing their plight often goes

Bob Reitemeier, the charity’s chief executive, highlighted
that the group was society’s “disposable

“We have a responsibility to make sure these children have
somewhere safe to go and someone sound to turn to,” he

The charity’s research found that children have almost no
direct access to emergency accommodation so many stay with other
family members or ‘friends’, although almost one fifth
sleep rough or at a stranger’s house.

More than 3,000 children claimed they have been physically or
sexually assaulted by strangers on the street or by so-called
‘friends’ and relatives. Some are forced to beg, steal
or get involved with drugs or prostitution because they are wary of
approaching authorities.

The Children’s Society has launched the ‘Safe and Sound’
campaign, and is calling for local authorities to put in place
guidance on young runaways, a national network of safe emergency
accommodation to be set up and child protection reform to improve
protection for older children.

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