More staff needed to change light bulb

The number of social care workers needed to change a light bulb was
called into question this week – despite the ability of a home care
worker to perform such a task being at the heart of the
government’s social care recruitment campaign.

In one of three advertisements screened earlier this year to
encourage people to pursue a career in social care, a home care
worker helped an elderly man who suffers from panic attacks in the
dark by changing a light bulb.

However, some councils have raised concerns about whether such
action would comply with health and safety rules and electrical
safety laws.

According to media reports, Doncaster Council said a second person
would be needed to hold the ladder, a third would be needed to stay
by the light switch, and a fourth could be needed to comfort the

A spokesperson for the Department of Health told Community
: “We road tested the concept of the commercial with home
care agencies and social care workers beforehand and no problems
around it were raised.”

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