Life for killer who blamed Seroxat

A man who claimed that the antidepressant Seroxat “turned him into
a killer” was jailed for life last week at the High Court in

Charles Simpson, 46, of Motherwell, had denied murdering David
Todd, 41, after stabbing him through the heart in a row.

Last year a woman from Fife was given a non-custodial sentence for
assault after the sheriff said the evidence had “persuaded the jury
thatÉyou would not have done this had you not been taking

Solicitors have now lodged a legal action on behalf of a group of
Scots who have had problems with Seroxat, including the Fife

A survey published by the Scottish Association for Mental Health
found that nearly 60 per cent of people taking the newer types of
antidepressants reported side-effects, including anxiety, agitation
and mood swings.

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