Hello Dad: Finding your Father and Getting to Know Him

Book Cover - Hello DadBy Karen Bali.
People Search Tracing Services
ISBN 1904623107

This book is a guide for those who wish to trace and approach their fathers.

At the outset it states two reasons for tracing a parent, the first being media representations of the two-parent ideal, although I am not convinced that this is so prevalent in the 21st century.

The second deals with the “something missing”,which is emotional separation and loss. The practical search ideas such as using internet and paper records are informative. All these details are covered in the first third of the publication and guides to accessing the information are user friendly.

It is with the rest of the book that I have some reservations. This book could create more problems than it aims to solve. The potential pitfalls of tracing are not adequately dealt with. For example, it is suggested in chapter five that a searcher should provide all possible personal contact details including home and work phone numbers and e-mail addresses. These details could be passed on to individuals that could potentially cause harm, related or non-related.

However, the sample letters and advice provided gives food for thought and will assist those who, like the title suggests, would like to say: “Hello, Dad”.

Richard Rose is deputy director of practice, Saccs.

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