Resistance: A Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

    By Mary Smith.
    SAFE (Voluntary Organisation)
    ISBN 0954474007

    This little book is sad evidence that misguided psychotherapy
    encouraging people to “remember” being abused in mythical satanic
    ritual abuse cults is still being practised in the UK, even though
    there is no evidence that such sadistic ritual abuse cults ever

    Therapy veteran Mary Smith recovered her “memories” three years
    ago when she was in her fifties. She discovered that her parents
    and extended family had “practised gang-rape, torture, often with
    electric shocks, murder, mutilationÉ Pornographic movies were
    taken, girls held in underground captivity when pregnant and babies
    taken from them – this happened to me at 14”.

    Smith recalled all of this, along with her multiple
    personalities, by interpreting her dreams in therapy. Then she
    would “scrawl long semi-poems that depict horrific scenes” and
    believe them.

    The book and its bad poetry will indeed make caring readers cry
    in sympathy, but not for the reasons Smith may think. She cut off
    contact with her family. “The pressure to return and see my old
    father, especially over a lonely Christmas, was almost
    unendurable,” she writes. But now: “I’m no longer torn into pieces
    by feeling I should help the old man, who I now see as a major

    Mark Pendergrast is the author of Victims of
    , 1996.

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