Asylum seekers can be deported before appeals reach court, judges rule

Asylum seekers who launch appeals against being deported will no
longer be allowed to remain in the UK while their cases are heard,
Appeal Court judges have ruled, writes Amy

Lord Justice Brooke said that currently asylum seekers are
usually allowed to stay in the UK when an appeal is launched
regardless of its merits.

He said that this should no longer be the case due to the
numerous challenges against deportation being made in the Court of
Appeal by illegal immigrants.

“The practice of pursuing a further appeal to this court
in a judicial review matter in the immigration and asylum field has
given rise to very serious abuse,” he said. “Appellants
are pursuing wholly unmeritorious appeals simply to delay the time
when they are to be deported.”

The ruling came following an appeal by asylum seeker that Lord
Justice Brooke said was an example of the “frequent”
unworthy challenges.

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