Extended services excused inspection

    Ofsted will not inspect or measure the impact on educational
    standards of new services provided by extended schools.

    Julian Piper, national director of the extended schools support
    service at education charity ContinYou, told teachers last month
    that there was “no need to panic” because progress would not be

    He said the Ofsted process would have a section on meeting the
    needs of the community but no detailed information about the impact
    of extended activities would be required.

    “It is OK to fail. It is not often the government says that. But
    this is a new programme and there is an awareness in the Department
    for Education and Skills that some things will not work,” Piper

    However, although some teachers were relieved that they would not
    be judged on their involvement in the experimental phase of
    extended schools, others warned that the lack of hard evidence
    would make it difficult to argue a link between improved standards
    and extended activities.

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