Government stands accused on Lottery

    The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has raised
    concerns that the government has ignored several of the culture,
    media and sport select committee’s recommendations for reforming
    the National Lottery.

    In its March report, the committee said it “deplored” the erosion
    of the additionality principle, which states that lottery
    initiatives must be additional to what is properly funded by
    government and not a substitute for it.

    But the government insists in its response that the principle has
    not been eroded, and has rejected the committee’s call for an
    annual report to parliament on how the additionality principle is
    being applied.

    It pledged instead to justify to parliament every change of policy
    or administration where the additionality principle is at

    Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, said it was clear the
    issue of additionality remained under threat.

    “The recent announcement that the £200m Young People’s Fund is
    to be spent on a range of government-inspired programmes appears to
    be further evidence of the erosion of additionality,” he said.

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