Which of You Did It? Problems of achieving criminal convictions when a child dies or is seriously injured by parents or carers

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ISBN 1842280422
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Three infants suffer serious harm or death each week. Less than one-third of those cases reported to the police result in a successful conviction, writes Adele Weir.

This well researched publication is the result of a working party and has some innovative suggestions regarding the investigative and prosecution process, including a proposed duty for parents and carers to account for a child’s injuries, with inferences being drawn from failures to do so.

Also considered are the likely impact of increased sentencing powers and a national register of those who have offended against children.

The review of legislation and landmark cases, statistics including identifiable high-risk groups, consideration of thresholds of risk and effective multi-agency working are also useful.

This is a high quality and comprehensive resource for any of the many brands of professional now involved in child protection or the criminal justice system.

Adele Weir is a child protection training and development officer.

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