Friday 23 July 2004

    Carr’s mother jailed for intimidation

    Maxine Carr’s mother has been sentenced to six months in
    jailed for six months for intimidating her neighbour who was a
    witness in the Soham murder trial.

    Shirely Capp, 61, of Grimsby Lincolnshire, was found guilty of
    threatening Marion Westerman last month.

    Source:- The Independent, Friday, 23 July, page 24

    Vodafone bars mobile users from child

    Vodafone blocked its UK mobile phone users’ access to illegal
    child porn websites yesterday.

    The action is one of the first attempts by a mobile phone operator
    to block such access. The company plans to roll out the block
    across its networks around the world.

    Source:- The Financial Times, Friday, 23 July, page

    Health quangos face cull in push to free £500m for
    front line

    The government has announced that bodies including the Health
    Development Agency and the Mental Health Act Commission are being
    abolished or absorbed into other quangos in a cost cutting

    John Reid, the health secretary, confirmed plans to half the number
    of health arms-length bodies. The Department of Health aims to save
    £500m from the operation of its quangos to spend on front line

    Source:- The Financial Times, Friday, 23 July, page

    Bogus colleges behind migrant scam

    Over 400 colleges in London are operating as front organisations
    and allowing migrants to escape immigration controls.

    The Home Office released the figures as they announced measures to
    close a legal loop hole that allows visitors to come to Britain and
    then stay on as students in colleges providing courses beneath
    degree standard.

    Source:- The Times, Friday, 23 July, page 2

    Imams face English entrance test

    New Home Office regulations will force Muslim imams and other
    ministers of religion to show a basic command of the English
    language if they wish to work here.

    Within two years of entry they will have to reach a higher standard
    as competent English writers or speakers in an attempt to stop
    radical teachings, according to restrictions which will come into
    force by the end of the month.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, July 23, page 2

    Terminally ill ‘must be allowed to die at home’

    Carers should have paid leave to tend to terminally ill people,
    reveals the Commons health select committee.

    It also revealed most terminally ill people were denied their wish
    to die at home due to patchy assistance.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph, July 23,  page 11

    Airline refuses to fly deaf youths

    Around 23 deaf teenagers from Mary Hare Grammar school for the Deaf
    in Newbury, Berkshire who were flying to Canary Islands to
    celebrate the end of their A levels were asked to leave their
    aeroplane at the last minute because they did not have an adult
    with them.

    Parents said the Iberia airline was told the group would be flying

    Source:- The Guardian, July 23, page 8

    The clean-up begins as squatters leave widow’s
    home at last

    A widow got her home back yesterday as squatters, preventing her
    selling her home to pay for nursing home fees, left

    Iola McQueen and her boyfriend Chris Davies left the home in Bath
    leaving debris in every room.

    Source:- The Daily Mail, July 23, page 43

    Scottish newspapers

    ‘Supersparse’ regions need millions more,
    say councils

    Two local councils are demanding extra funding after an independent
    report said they were spending millions more on vital services than
    they received in government grants because of the remote areas they

    Highland Council said it spends £12.3 million a year extra
    while Argyle and Bute spends £2.8 million more than government

    Both councils believe the Scottish executive should take account of
    the “supersparsity” when determining their annual
    spending settlements.

    Highland Council also claims education and social work cost an
    additional £10.7 million to deliver in super-sparse areas and
    can only be delivered at the expense of other services.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 23 July

    Solitary infringed our human rights claim

    Three prisoners, who claimed they were “disgusted” by
    the conditions they had to endure in months in solitary
    confinement, are sung for £21,000.

    Andrew Somerville, Ricardo Blanco, who are both serving life
    sentences for murder, and Sammy “the Bear” Ralston, an
    armed robber, allege their treatment by the Scottish Prison Service
    infringed their human rights.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 22 July

    Edinburgh housing charities in merger

    Two of Edinburgh’s largest housing associations are set to
    merge in a bid to improve services for tenants.

    Under the plans to merge Dunedin Housing Association and Canmore
    Housing Association, a specialist support division will be
    established to help homeless people move from hostels to mainstream

    New services will be created to provide better services for older
    and vulnerable tenants.

    Source:- Evening News  Thursday 22 July

    Booze ban and curfew imposed on sex offender

    A sex attacker, who preyed on a teenager while she walked her dog,
    has been ordered to stop drinking alcohol and stay at home at

    Kevin Cook had faced a charge of attempting to rape the 17-year-old
    former care assistant, but because of mental health problems, he
    could not face trial in the usual way.

    Judge Roger Craik used his powers to make a “guardianship
    order” and the chief social worker of Scottish Borders
    Council is now responsible for keeping an eye on Cook for three

    The judge also imposed extra conditions including a curfew between
    10pm and 7am and an instruction to abstain from alcohol.

    Source:- Evening News  Thursday 22 July

    Anger as Quarrier’s inquiry refused

    Victims of paedophiles who preyed on them for years have slammed a
    decision by the Scottish executive not to hold a public inquiry
    into child abuse at Quarrier’s.

    Ministers have refused the call claiming that an inquiry might
    damage the public’s confidence in the child care system and
    be perceived as an admission that there are still issues to be

    Abuse victims condemned the excuses as crass, insensitive and a
    failure to address the trauma they have endured.

    Nicola Sturgeon, SNP justice spokesperson called for at least a
    Social Work Services Inspectorate investigation along the lines of
    the report into the Borders case involving Miss X last year.

    Source:- The Herald  Friday 23 July

    Detainees taken to Dungavel after riot

    Around 30 asylum seekers have been sent to a Scottish detention
    centre following riots at a similar complex near London earlier
    this week.

    The male detainees arrived at Dungavel in Lanarkshire earlier this
    week from Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow.

    Rosie Kane, Scottish Socialist MSP, said the move would place the
    facilities at Dungacel under greater pressure.

    Source:- The Herald  Friday 23 July

    Wristband scheme to keep watch over

    Wristbands are to be handed out at a seaside resort to help prevent
    children going missing.

    Lothian Borders Police and local businesses have worked together to
    introduce the plan at Portobello in Edinburgh.

    The wristbands include a space for the child’s name and
    number and mounted police will patrol the promenade

    Source:- The Herald  Friday 23 July


    Welsh newspapers

    Travellers ‘must have rights’

    A group of gipsies say their children cannot get access to a
    doctor or a place in a school because Newport council will not rent
    them a piece of land which they can use as a permanent home. The
    gipsy’s claim that they are being harassed and being moved
    from place to place and that their children are suffering.

    Source South Wales Argus Thursday 22 July page 9

    Valleys village named as ‘sick’ capital of
    England and Wales

    A welsh village has been officially named as the sickest
    in England and Wales.

    More than two in every five people living in Croeserw, near Maesteg
    in south Wales have a long- term illness according to new data from
    the 2001 Census.

    Source Western Mail Friday 23 July page 1

    Police chief hits at lax parents

    Lax parenting has resulted in a generation of young people
    who shirk their responsibilities.

    The Chief Constable of Gwent police, Mike Tonge says that many
    children are not disciplined and grow up abusing society and
    attitudes to parenting should be re-evaluated.

    Source Western Mail Friday 23 July page 1

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