Friday 30 July 2004

    By Clare Jerrom, Alex Dobson and Shirley

    Police set 9pm West End curfew for under 16s

    Unaccompanied children under 16 years have been banned from the
    West End after 9pm.

    Scotland Yard police will pick up and take home the young people
    found between 9pm and 6am under powers given under anti-social
    behaviour laws.

    Source:- The Times, Friday July 30, page 1

    Charity colleges inquiry follows terror-link claim

    The Charity Commission is investigating allegations of links
    between two British Islamic colleges and fundamentalist
    Both colleges are registered as charities.

    Source:- The Times, Friday July 30, page 2

    Star ratings ‘are damaging NHS’

    Public confidence is being undermined by star ratings in the health
    service, warns the editor of Lancet.

    He said star ratings cause a culture of waste, deception and fear
    among NHS staff, in a letter to Sir Ian Kennedy, the chairman of
    the Healthcare Commission.

    Source:- The Times, Friday July 30, page 4

    Drive to put social justice at heart of agenda

    The government is to put social justice at the top of its agenda,
    reveals a new report to be published soon by the Institute of
    Public Policy Research.

    The new study will highlight how issues such as poverty, migration,
    criminal justice, sustainability and childcare, are affecting the
    younger generation.

    Source:- The Guardian, Friday July 30, page 9

    More parents choose to educate children at home

    Parents seeking to avoid the pressures of Sats and bullying are
    choosing to educate their children at home.

    The Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) yesterday called on
    the government to upgrade its monitoring procedures for children
    educated at home, at its annual conference in Bournemouth.

    Source:- The Guardian, Friday July 30, page 9

    Rape conviction for jailed policeman is quashed on

    The debate over whether men accused of rape should be named in
    court was opened yesterday when a detective, jailed six years ago
    for raping and sexually abusing a former girlfriend, had his
    sentence quashed on appeal.

    The judgement was based on fresh evidence from a former boyfriend
    which questioned the alleged victim’s evidence.

    Source:- The Independent, Friday July 30, page 25

    Scottish newspapers

    Sitter picked baby up by ears, court told

    A babysitter picked up a four-month old girl by her ears and shook
    her s violently that her brain started to bleed, a court heard

    Aron Peters admitted at the High Court in Glasgow that in January
    he repeatedly picked up the baby by her ears from the pram and
    shook her to severe injury and danger to her life.

    The child’s mother had noticed bruising around the
    child’s ears and took her to hospital where a scan revealed
    she had a slight brain haemorrhage. The baby was kept in hospital
    for six days for observation before being allowed home.

    Lord Abernethy said he needed a report before sentencing him and
    the case was adjourned until next month.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 30 July

    Pay-out plan storm

    Plans to hand out “golden goodbyes” to top Scottish
    civil servants were slammed by unions yesterday.

    The proposal, to encourage senior officials to leave the service
    with generous pay outs, was revealed by the Scottish

    The Public and Commercial Services Union said they were
    “astounded” at the exclusive deals and said they
    thought the deals would only be offered to senior civil servants,
    leaving lower paid counterparts facing compulsory redundancy.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 30 July

    Cost cutting chaos for Children’s panel

    Children’s panel hearings are being postponed after
    a key administration post was axed by council chiefs.

    The cost-cutting move, which will save Edinburgh Council
    £7,000 annually, has resulted in increased workloads for staff
    in the already strained children’s hearing system.

    At least six children’s panel members are thought to have
    resigned since the post was axed and three half day hearing
    sessions are being cancelled each week because of shortages.

    Source:- Evening News  Thursday 29 July

    More than 1,000 capital civil servants join

    A 48-hour strike over a long running pay dispute was launched by
    more than 1,000 civil servants in the capital this week.

    Disability benefits offices, Jobcentres and Social Security offices
    were due to close as members of the Public and Commercial Services
    Union joined more than 100,000 UK staff in the mass walk-out.

    Source:- Evening News  Thursday 29 July

    Staff to take control at Highland home-care

    A company that cares for vulnerable people in their homes agreed to
    give control to 99 staff yesterday.

    Nick and Moira Boyle set up Highland Home Carers, which provides
    care to older and ill people so they can remain at home, 10 years

    The Boyles agreed to the buyout despite approached from larger
    companies. All shares will be sold to a trust for the staff and
    distributed free to them annually.

    Source:- The Herald  Friday 30 July

    GP deal ‘leaves rural areas with inadequate

    Doctors’ leaders were accused of putting patients’
    needs last amid fears that the new GP contract will risk lives in
    rural areas.

    Scottish Conservative leader David McLetchie said Scots in remote
    parts were being left with an “inadequate” service. He
    said it was “astonishing” that the British Medical
    Association and Scottish executive had not taken this into
    consideration when negotiating the deal.

    The BMA rejected this claim.

    Source:- The Herald  Friday 30 July

    Welsh newspapers

    Prostitutes offered chance to get out

    Prostitutes in Newport in south Wales who are selling themselves
    to fund their drug habit, have been given the chance of a fresh
    start in a five-week police operation.

    Operation Barbara, run by Newport police and Women in Need offers
    advice and support on health, welfare and housing to women caught
    up in the sex trade.

    Source South Wales Argus Thursday 29 July page 9

    Plaid calls for St John Funding

    Plaid Cymru has called on the Welsh assembly to support the work
    of the St John Ambulance by publicly funding the operation.

    The party’s shadow health minister, Rhodri Glyn Thomas,
    believes public investment in the charity would assist its work and
    help to relieve pressure on emergency services.

    Source Western Mail Friday 30 July page 9

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