Teenage years are tough, parents say

Three-quarters of parents identify their children’s teen
years as the most difficult period for them as parents, and more
than half worry that they are not doing a good enough job.

Three quarters of the sample of more than 1,000 felt that
society was more supportive to parents with younger children.

Parents of teenagers felt isolated and most would like to be
able to talk to other parents about the issues they face,
especially parents living with step children.

Most parents believe they face a more difficult task than their

Nine out of 10 parents are satisfied with their lives. The
estimated 200,000 who say they are not satisfied are most likely to
be lone parents, young parents, parents who are not working and
parents from minority ethnic groups. Most of these worried that
they were not doing a good enough job, and more than half find it
difficult to discipline their children.

The survey was commissioned by the Institute for Public Policy
Research. Laura Edwards, senior researcher at IPPR, said, “We are
quick to blame the parents of teenagers when things go wrong. A
shift in policy and practice is needed – from the voluntary sector
and employers as well as government – which recognises the demands
of being a parent of a teenager”.

The study was commissioned from the IPPR by soap manufacturer
Lever Faberge.

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