Disablism: How To Tackle The Last Prejudice

Star rating: 2/5.

By Paul Miller, Sophia Parker and Sarah Gillinson.
ISBN 1841801240

The authors define disabilism as “discriminatory, oppressive or
abusive behaviour arising from the belief that disabled people are
inferior to others,” writes Marian Smith.

I have no arguments with the intentions of this pamphlet’s authors
– finding ways of working together to fight discrimination is
something that should interest everyone. But in their statement of
collaboration, they claim to be “committed to the full and equal
participation of disabled people”. In this pamphlet, though, they
fail to live up to this aspiration.

The language used is dense and academic and adds a whole new layer
of jargon around disability. I really struggled to understand what
they were trying to say. And I despaired of finding ways I might
put their ideas into language accessible to my colleagues with
learning difficulties.

Marian Smith works for a disability charity.

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