Wednesday 18 August 2004

By Clare Jerrom, Amy Taylor and Alex Dobson

Visa door that let in a one-legged roofer is opened up

A visa scheme for Eastern European businessmen, that was suspended
after concerns that people without valid plans were being let in,
has been re-opened.

Thousands of ‘entrepreneurs’ entered Britain under the
scheme despite embassy staff believing their plans were fake.

Former immigration minister Beverly Hughes was forced to resign
after the Home Office whistleblower revealed that he had been told
to rubber-stamp applications regardless of whether they were valid
or not.

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 18 August page 33

1 doctor in 4 is mentally ill

Almost one in four doctors is suffering from a mental disorder at
the age of 30, according to new research.

A 12-year study carried out by researchers from University College
London found that doctors’ susceptibility to mental health
problems was due to their personalities rather than pressures from

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 August page 6

New rules on children’s drugs

Concerns about the lack of research carried out by drug companies
on medicines for children and the problems doctors have trying to
work out doses are to be addressed by ministers urgently it was
revealed yesterday.

A handbook of drugs and their effects on children is also set to be
issued to every doctor in an attempt to reduce prescribing

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 August page 23

Charged with baby killing

A woman from Hartlepool was charged with murdering two-year-old
Kyle Fisher yesterday. She is due to appear in court today.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 18 August page 9

Act of faith

A heartfelt new film from the maker of Notting Hill portrays the
lives of a pair of twentysomething wheelchair users in a wry, frank
and unsentimental way. So does it matter that the lead roles are
not being played by disabled actors?

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 2

No immunity from poverty

People from “solid career backgrounds” are increasingly
becoming some of the poorest people in society, according to new
research from the Elizabeth Finn Trust.

The charity said research conducted on its behalf by the Future
Foundation, shows that there are around 4 million “hidden
poor” people in Britain who don’t fit into the widely
held view of those below the poverty line.

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 4

Help at last

Children who are exposed to domestic violence need dedicated help
– yet they are barely mentioned in the children bill
currently under debate.

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 6

The young at heart

The tragic death of 14-year-old Adam Rickwood has turned the
spotlight on the Youth Justice Board. Alison Benjamin meets its
chief executive, Ellie Roy

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 8

Carnal knowledge

A project in south London is giving young black men an opportunity
to explore the consequences of their sexual behaviour through the

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 9

What else can I do?

Peter has an ambition: he wants to embark on a career in
international development. Is his fluency in French and his
experience at Oxfam enough to set him on his way?

Source:- SocietyGuardian Wednesday 18 August page 63

Scottish newspapers

Algerian refugees claim to be unfairly placed on al Qaeda

A group of Algerian refugees in Scotland claim they feel unsafe in
both their native and adopted countries because they had been
wrongly targeted in a list of terrorist suspects.

The seven men and one woman said they had been unfairly placed on
an intelligence list of 82 al Qaeda suspects whose names and
photographs were used in information exchanged by security

Six of them appeared in court in December 2002 after raids in
London and Scotland and terrorism-related charges were later
dropped. The other two were questioned and released without

One of the group – Ali Serir, who has a Scottish wife Karen,
said they were now considering finding another country to live in
because they felt unsafe.

Source:- The Herald  Wednesday 18 August

Teens at under-18 discos to be breathalysed…before
going in

Teenagers in Fife are to be breathalysed before they can enter an
under-age disco.

Those who refuse to take the test will be barred while those
registering as positive will be escorted home by police.

The 28-year-old Australian initiative has been adopted by Fife
Constabulary in a bid to clampdown on gangs roaming the street at

Source:- The Herald  Wednesday 18 August

Fears as Reliance heads for Lothian

Reliance Security is set to provide escort services for Edinburgh
and Lothian courts.

The firm has begun advertising for staff for the service which
could start as soon as October.

The news follows the announcement that Reliance has been awarded
the Central Scotland contract and will take over escorting duties
in the central area with effect from today.

The move has sparked concern from the company’s critics as
they have made a series of high profile blunders while running the
service in Glasgow.

Source:- Evening News  Tuesday 17 August

Lottery win of £65,000 for childcare in Lothians

Grants from the Big Lottery Fund have been awarded to two childcare
projects in East Lothian.

The Olivebank Child and Family Centre run by East Lothian Council
was awarded £36,000 and will enable the centre to employ a
part-time outreach worker.

The Scottish Childminding Association was awarded

Source:- Evening News  Tuesday 17 August

Welsh newspapers

Families hit by cost of diet to help treat autism

Parents of children with autism are calling for help to pay for
their special dietary needs.

They claim the cost of specialised foods like wheat and dairy-free
products that many parents of autistic children find beneficial are
extremely expensive and believe such foods should be made available
free on the NHS.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 18 August page 5

Escaped teen given longer sentence

A Welsh teenager feared for his life because of bullying at
a young offender institution and went on the run, a court was

Glyn Hall escaped from the Thorn Cross YOI in Warrington and was
picked up by police in the Llandudno area.

The 18-year-old’s defence argued that he had feared for his life
while in detention but he was given an additional eight months to
serve consecutively with the 20 months he is already serving for

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 18 August page 6



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