Tories claim “Britain is full” in immigration report

The Conservatives are taking a hard line on immigration claiming
“Britain is full” and the rise in population is
contributing to anti social behaviour, crime, and over crowded
public services, writes Shirley

An independent inquiry commissioned by shadow home secretary David
Davis claimed: “High levels of immigration,” and
“cultural differences lead to divided

Attacking workers from the European Union who are entitled to the
same benefits as UK workers, the committee recommended “work
permit holders should not be entitled to in-work

The report also suggests a ban on immigrants earning less than
£25,000 per annum with exceptions given to some highly
qualified workers on lower wages.

Refugee council spokesperson said: “Any change to immigration
policy should be consistent with the UK’s obligations under
International Refugee law to protect and provide welfare and proper
support to refugees and asylum seekers.”

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