Should she be banned from working with children?

Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat social services spokesperson,
“It is worrying that someone has been put on a
list intended for the Ian Huntleys of this world and is in effect
condemned to unemployment while others went on to better paid

Anne Bristow, social services director, Haringey:
“It is a serious step which is not taken lightly to place a
professional who has not directly abused a child on the [Poca] list
but failing to act to protect a child can have devastating
consequences for the child. It is the safeguarding of children and
not the impact on an adult’s employment prospects that must come

Wes Cuell, director of services for children and young
people, NSPCC:
“Young professionals require far more
support in the early years of their careers than they usually get.
If they do make mistakes they should be helped and supported to
learn from them and not abandoned by their employers and kicked

Ray Jones, social services director, Wiltshire:
“Lisa was relatively young, inexperienced and working in a context
which may not have best promoted good practice. She has probably
now, very painfully, learned a lot and very quickly. As a result,
in the future she could be a particularly secure and accomplished
professional working in the best interest of children.”

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