Blair outlines Labour vision

Tony Blair told the Labour Party conference that the government
would take a new approach to law and order on the back of the
“success” of the anti social behaviour legislation,
writes Clare Jerrom in Brighton.

The prime minister told delegates in Brighton that by the end of
the next parliament all communities will have their own dedicated
policing team and local and have a say in how areas are

Blair, who was interrupted twice by protesters during his speech
added that there would be “a radical extension of compulsory
drug testing for offenders, a doubling of investment in drug
treatments and summary powers to deal with drug dealers and
violence with binge drinking”.

Outlining the party’s vision for its third term, the prime
minister also pledged to make life easier for families. Universal,
affordable, flexible childcare would be made available for the
parent of all 3 -14 year olds. There would also be a Surestart
children’s centre in every community of Britain.

Blair said the government would work to increase the numbers who
could move off benefit and into work, with savings ploughed into
the pension system.

He added that electronic registration would be introduced
alongside ID cards for “everyone who crosses our
borders” and the government would by the end of 2005 remove
more asylum seekers each month than apply in order to
“restore faith in the system that we know has been

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