Wednesday 29 September 2004

By Amy Taylor, Shirley Kumar and Sally

Loophole in race law to be closed

Shopkeepers, hotels and other businesses will be breaking the
law if they refuse to serve customers because of their religious
background under new plans to strengthen the law against
discrimination on religious grounds.

The Home Office also announced plans to make incitement to
religious hatred an offence.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, 29 September 2004, page

Sure Start prompts state nursery staffing

Private day care nurseries are facing acute staff shortages
because of the success of the government’s childcare programme Sure

Private day care nurseries cannot compete with the salaries of
well-funded government initiatives such as Sure Start and the New
Children’s Centres, according to a survey by Nursery World.

Source:- The Times, Wednesday 29 September 2004, page

Labour picks out  priorities for the campaign

Labour’s priorities for a third term in government were
announced by Tony Blair yesterday at the party’s annual conference.
They include offering subsidies to key-workers such as teachers to
make homes more affordable and providing childcare from 8am to 6pm
round local schools.

Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

Child law expert dies of cancer

A leading child law and human rights specialist has died aged

Allan Levy QC, was involved in many landmark cases involving
issues such as the right to die.

Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

Society Guardian

The long march

The first major gay rights campaign in Britain began 40 years
ago from a terraced house in a Lancashire mining village. Since
then, laws and social attitudes have changed, but as our interviews
show, the path towards equality has been slow and often

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

Lord of the manor

Despite Blair’s rhetoric, Labour still doesn’t take the
voluntary sector seriously as a provider of public services, Lord
Victor Adebowale tells Alison Benjamin

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

A sober journey

Leaving behind a life of drug or alcohol addiction is never
easy, but a supported housing scheme is equipping its residents to
do just that.

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

Head in the clouds?

At Labour’s annual conference this week, John Prescott suggested
the UK’s housing crisis is one of this party’s general election
priorities. Peter Hetherington wonders if it is just a case of
wishful thinking

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

You’re barred

Hands up all those civil servants who would attend party
conferences. So what’s stopping you?

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page 14

What else can I do?

Bill works as an investment manager for a housing association
but wants to become a director of housing. Debbie Andalo offers
some career options

Source:- SocietyGuardian, Wednesday, 29 September, page

Scottish papers

Free care success

Nearly 50,000 elderly Scots are benefiting from free personal
care, figures revealed today. The executive’s flagship policy began
two years ago but hit problems within months. Figures show 48,700
people are getting free personal care.

Source Daily Record, page 2, 29 September 2004

Child pornography man avoids jail

An accountant who had a huge collection of child pornography has
escaped prison. Alan Malcolm’s secretary informed police about the
stash, which was held on his computer. A Sheriff Sir Michael Grady
QC, sitting at Glasgow Sheriff Court, said prison was appropriate
but he was giving Malcolm a chance to prove.

Source Daily Record, page 25, 29 September 2004

Funding axe falls over elderly services

Services for the elderly are under threat in Edinburgh amid
fears the council will lose millions in funding to support
vulnerable people. Up to £11 million could be wiped off the
Capital’s annual budget to provide help for elderly people, as well
as disabled residents and the victims of domestic abuse. The money
would be allocated to other parts of Scotland under the move.
Edinburgh City Council received about £44m in Supporting
People grants from the Executive this year – which was distributed
to 214 services and assisted 15,000 people across the city.
A shake-up in the way the money is distributed has left politicians
fearing that around a quarter of that cash will be diverted away
from the city to other parts of the country.

The move has sparked fears that housing support services – which
allow vulnerable people such as the elderly, disabled, mentally
ill, victims of domestic abuse and those at risk of becoming
homeless to live independently in the community – will have to be
Council leader Donald Anderson today warned that a redistribution
of cash would cause “major problems”.

Source Scotsman 29 September 2004

Welsh papers

Stresses of modern life taking toll on

More than a third of children in Wales experience some kind of
mental anxiety, according to experts.

Richard Williams, professor of mental health strategy at the
University of Glamorgan said that a vast increase in the pace of
life over the past two decades was partly to blame for the high
level. He added that while some people found modern life exciting
others found it pressurised.

Source:- The Western Mail, Wednesday, 29 September,
page 9

Child hyperactivity symptoms spotted during Victorian

The so-called modern disease of hyperactivity in children was
present in Victorian times, according to new research.

The study by Swansea’s Clinical School’s psychiatry expert
Professor Johannes Thome aimed to look at if hyperactivity was
genuine illness or just a “trendy diagnosis” of badly behaved

Source:- The Western Mail, Wednesday, 29 September,
page 9

Council tax rises ‘hit hard’

Council tax rises are hitting pensioners on low fixed incomes
hard, the Welsh Assembly Liberal Democrat leader warned

Mike German said that some pensioners who lived in properties
that have been put in a higher band after a recent re-evaluation
would be finding it a struggle to meet the tax.

Source:- The Western Mail, Wednesday, 29 September,

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