Firework safety and learning materials available

Firework safety leaflets, posters and advice on linking November
5th with the National Curriculum have been produced by the
Department of Trade and Industry.

There is a curfew from 11pm to 7am on firework use, except on
November 5th when it is one hour later.

Under-18s are forbidden to buy or possess fireworks in public,
and many types of fireworks – such as bangers – cannot
be sold to the general public.

A leaflet aimed at children advises them to ‘Follow Ben
for a Safe Fireworks Night,’ while other materials are
targeted at schools, retailers, adults and display organizers.

Schools packs for key stages 1, 2 and 3 in English and Welsh
list recent changes to the law around fireworks.

The pack encourages teachers to use the story of Guy Fawkes in
history lessons and to link Bonfire Night with other firework
festivals around the world, such as Diwali.

Over the past five years more than 350 pre-school children have
been treated in hospital for firework injuries.

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