Monday 15 November 2004

By Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Clare Jerrom

Miracle baby’ was victim of child traffickers,
says judge

A High Court judge ruled that the “miracle child”
born to an infertile woman had been the victim of a
baby-trafficking operation.

The child, who is now about 12-months-old, is one of a number of
children supposedly born through the miraculous intervention of the
London-based self-styled archbishop Gilbert Deya. 

He is wanted in Kenya over allegations that he has trafficked more
than 20 children from clinics in slums of Nairobi.

Source:- The Independent Saturday 13 November 2004 page

Missing girl safe

A nine-year-old girl whose disappearance prompted a nationwide
police hunt has been found safe with her grandmother.

Rebecca Quinn had last been seen in her family’s caravan
before it was stolen in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, along with a note
from her grandmother to say that Rebecca was with her.

Source:- The Times Saturday 13 November 2004 page

Insider reveals asylum “fraud”

A Whitehall whistleblower has criticised the government’s
immigration policy by revealing alleged “unfounded
claims” that enable “scores of failed asylum
seekers” to remain in Britain.

Source:- The Sunday Times Sunday 14 November 2004 page

Racial tensions halt dispersal of asylum seekers around

Programme suspended in towns and cities after clashes with
members of local communities

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 14 November 2004
page 6

Wife in suicide pact returns home alone

The survivor of a husband and wife suicide pact will fly back to
Britain from Tenerife. Wendy Ainscow, 64, tried to commit suicide
with her husband after saying they could not longer face looking
after their daughter, who has profound autistic problems.

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 14 November 2004
page 8

The ‘great gypsy invasion’

As more than 70 villages across Southern England protest at the
illegal sites in their midst, leaders respond to the angry claims
by villagers that the travellers are still flouting the law

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 14 November 2004
page 16-17

Gypsies are new race hate target

Racism against gypsies has become so severe that it is akin to
the way black people were treated in the Sixties, according to
police chiefs and race relations leaders.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

High-risk paedophiles to be placed in

All Home Office hostels for ex-prisoners are to be converted
into high-security premises for sex offenders and violent men at
‘high or very high risk’ of attacking children or
women. A leaked government document shows that there are so many
people on the sex offender register judged to be a threat to the
public that the probation service has no option but to use existing
hostel accommodation to house them.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

How to outsmart bullies

Wearing better clothes can help prevent a child being bullied,
according to a controversial study

Research conducted by the University of West England suggests
new anti-bullying strategies including being careful with humour
and not giving bullies attention.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

Hospital law

Staff at University Hospital Aintree in Liverpool are being
trained as special constables in an initiative to combat violence
against medical staff.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

Milburn: Do not force leave on fathers

Fathers should not be forced to take paternity leave if they do
not want to, cabinet minister Alan Milburn argues today, warning
that work must not become the ‘enemy’ in childcare

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

Revealed: Truth about victim of a prison’s racist

As the long-awaited inquiry into the murder of Asian young
offender Zahid Mubarek by his psychopathic racist cellmate begins,
the horrific details of a Prison Service failure are revealed

Source:- The Observer Sunday 14 November 2004 page

Two-thirds of whites say they are biased against

Two-thirds of white people in Britain admit they are prejudiced
against at least one minority group, with gypsies and
asylum-seekers the main targets, according to a Mori Poll.

Source:- The Independent on Sunday 14 November 2004
page 4

Why I came back from Spain to abandon my husband at

Barbara Baker, who travelled from Spain to dump her 82-year-old
husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, at an NHS hospital
said she acted “out of sheer desperation.”

Desmond Baker was found sitting alone at Oldchurch Hospital in
Romford with a letter from his wife saying she could no longer cope
with looking after him. He is being cared for in the Hampden Lodge
old people’s home in Romford.

Source:- The Mail on Sunday 14 November 2004 page

‘People traffickers’ cash ‘to help
resettle victims’

The government is considering using cash confiscated from
criminals who smuggle people into Britain, often to be forced into
prostitution, to set up schemes to benefit victims in their
countries of origin.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 15 November 2004
page 2

TV cameras in court start filming this week

Television cameras will be allowed to record hearings in the
courts of England and Wales for the first time in the courts of the
two most senior appeal judges as part of a pilot project.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 15 November 2004
page 7

Swelling of brain may be linked to autism, study

Doctors working on a brain tissue study have come closer to working
out the cause of autism.

The study looked at the brain tissue of people with autism and
found that an immune system reaction leading to swelling of the
brain could cause the condition.

Source:- The Independent Monday 15 November page 17

March of the gipsy camps

There has been a large increase in the number of gipsy camps, new
official figures revealed yesterday.

The figures showed that the number of caravans had increased by
almost 60 per cent in just over two years (January 2002 –
July 2004).

Source:- Daily Mail Monday 15 November page 1

I just wish I was dead, too

Exclusive: The wife who survived a suicide pact that killed her
husband talks about her despair at still being alive…and the
troubled daughter who drove them to it

Source:- Daily Mail Monday 15 November page 24

Couldn’t care less

A mother of eight children is facing jail over her children’s
truancy but says it’s not her or her husband’s

Karen Brookes and her husband, who are both unemployed, say that
the school and the government should be giving them more

Source:- Daily Mail Monday 15 November page 29

Scottish newspapers

Jury shown film of murdered schoolgirl’s ‘massive

The jury at the case of Jodi Jones’ murder were yesterday
shown video footage of the “massive injuries” the
schoolgirl sustained.

The film, shot by a police photographer after Jodi’s body was
found, showed that the 14-year-old had suffered mutilating wounds
to her throat, face, stomach and left breast.

Luke Mitchell, her former boyfriend, is accused of the unlawful
possession of a knife or knives, being concerned in supplying
cannabis to a member of people including Jodi and murdering her on
30 June 2003.

Mitchell denies the charges and says he was elsewhere at the

Source:- The Scotsman  Saturday 13 November

Jodi ‘took cannabis with Mitchell’

Jodi Jones smoked cannabis with the youth accused of murdering her
just hours before her death, the High Court in Edinburgh was

Alistair Leitch, a sixth form pupil at St David’s High School
in Dalkeith where Jodi and her former boyfriend Luke Mitchell were
pupils, told the court about lunchtime cannabis smoking

He said Mitchell and Jodi were there most lunch times and Mitchell
had cannabis “99.9 per cent of the time”.

Source:- Evening News  Saturday 13 November

Executive ‘homophobic’ say sex

Ministers have been accused of “institutionalised
homophobia” after it emerged they have delayed a flagship
plan to improve sexual health following pressure by the Catholic

The sexual health strategy should have already been published but
has now been delayed until the end of the year.

Last night sexual health experts who wrote the paper also claimed
the findings had been “watered down” in a bid to avoid
another row similar to the one which followed the repeal of Section
28 – the law that banned the promotion of homosexual
lifestyles in schools.

They claim that by failing to take the lead in deeply divisive
issues, the government is now reinforcing prejudices against
minority groups like gay and lesbian people.

Source:- Scotland on Sunday  Sunday 14 November

Childcare policies fail to hit the mark

Family rights groups have hit out at government plans for more
affordable childcare claiming they will not provide enough money to
help working parents spend more time with their children.

Tony Blair has promised 12 months paid maternity leave and more
after school care in a bid to capture the family vote ahead of the
next general election.

But yesterday campaigners cast doubt on the worth of the proposals
for the vast majority of parents who are forced to return to work
soon after the birth of a child because benefits are so low.

Source:- Scotland on Sunday  Sunday 14 November

Fathers’ rights group promises Scots protest

Scotland will be targeted in the next stunt by the fathers’
rights group that scaled the side of Buckingham palace.

The Scottish Parliament, M8 or the Forth bridges are the most
likely targets for the protest by Fathers 4 Justice

Source:- Scotland  on Sunday  Sunday 14 November

Anger at wait for offenders’ punishment

Convicted criminals are waiting almost a month to start community
sentences in some parts of Scotland because of a lack of staff and
places on programmes.

National standards issued by the Scottish executive state that
community sentences should begin within three weeks, but some
offenders sentenced to community service orders are waiting up to
26 days for their sentences to begin.

Source:- Scotland on Sunday Sunday 14 November

MP calls for sensitivity in cot deaths

Scottish MP David Stewart told a conference in Perth how he was
left depressed and contemplating suicide after he found his
eight-month-old son dead in his cot.

Stewart and his wife Linda said the experience was made worse for
parents by insensitive police action and said he hoped health and
police staff were now better trained in dealing with cot

Source:- Scotland on Sunday  Sunday 14 November

Expert backs public over racist reporting

The “racist” promotion of “extreme nationalist
sentiment” in newspaper reports centred on asylum seekers has
been slammed by a leading expert in media studies.

Professor John Drakakis comments came as a new Mori Scotland poll
published today shows the majority of Scots believe reporting on
the issue is inaccurate and unfair.

Drakakis from Stirling University said it was
“outrageous” how asylum seekers were marginalised by
the press.

Source:- Sunday Herald  Sunday 14 November

Mother calls for ‘Mark’s Law’

The mother of a murdered schoolboy will ask the Scottish Parliament
for a new law which would notify parents if a sex offender was
living in the area.

Margaret Ann Cummings, whose eight-year-old son Mark was murdered
by Stuart Leggate, is planning to take a petition to
Holyrood’s public petitions committee.

It will call for a review of where convicted sex offenders are
housed as well as calling for tougher sentences for sex

Source:- The Scotsman  Monday 15 November

Anger at prospect of adoption rights for gay couples

The Catholic Church last night raised concerns that same sex and
unmarried couples may be allowed to adopt or foster children
following a review of current laws.

Presently, only one half of an unmarried couple can adopt a child.
But an independent review group is considering how best to update
and simplify adoption laws.

It was reported yesterday that the group was going to recommend to
ministers that Scotland should be brought into line with the
position in England where unmarried couples have the same adoption
rights as married couples.

Source:- The Scotsman  Monday 15 November

Welsh newspapers

It’s the end of my world, says mum

The family of a critically ill baby who died at Alder Hey
Children’s Hospital last week has called for an inquiry into
his treatment by medical staff in the final hours of his

Ten-month-old Luke Winston-Jones, from Holyhead, had the genetic
disorder Edwards syndrome.

The High Court gave doctors’ at the Liverpool hospital
permission to withhold life-saving treatment by
‘aggressive’ mechanical ventilation if his condition
got worse last month.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 13 November

Police probe death of child, 2, after injury

Detectives are looking into the sudden death of a two-year-old

The girl’s mother and her two surviving children has been
moved from their house and Gwent police are awaiting the outcome of
a post-mortem.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 13 November  

Police probe sudden death of baby boy

Detectives were investigating the sudden death of a baby boy last

The eight-week-old boy, from Llandybie, Carmarthenshire, has not
been named.

Source:- Western Mail Monday 15 November


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