Racist prison murderer was diagnosed psychopath


The young offender who killed his Asian cellmate Zahid Mubarek, 19,
was diagnosed as a ‘pyschopath’ four months before the
murder took place, but no further action was taken, an inquiry
heard today, writes Maria Ahmed.

On the first day of the public inquiry into Mubarek’s
death, Nigel Giffin QC said no risk assessment had been made of
Robert Stewart, then 19, despite a diagnosis of a “long
standing deep seated personality disorder”.

Stewart went on to batter Mubarek to death with a table leg in
their shared cell at Feltham Young Offender Institution in March
2000. He was sentenced to life imprisonment

Giffin told the inquiry there had been five “potential
missed opportunities” to recognise the risk posed by Stewart
and a further nine “critical turning points” at Feltham
where the tragedy could have been averted.

Inquiry chair Mr Justice Keith said he hoped the inquiry
“would get to the truth of how Mubarek came to be


He added: “We know how much it means to Zahid’s family who
fought so long and hard to get it.  Zahid’s family will at
least have the satisfaction of knowing that such lessons as can be
learnt from his tragic death may make our prisons a safer place in
which to be.”

The Mubarek family held a rememberance service for their son
before the inquiry began.

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