Liverpool social workers to return to work

    More than one hundred social workers in Liverpool will return to
    work next week following almost five months on strike, after
    reaching an agreement with the council over staff workloads,
    writes Mithran Samuel.

    Public sector union, Unison, recommended that children’s
    services staff return to work, after agreeing a workload management
    policy with Liverpool Council, following talks convened at
    conciliation service Acas.

    Unison senior regional officer Stephanie Thomas said the deal
    acknowledged that certain work should not be given to unqualified
    staff, one of the union’s main sticking points in the dispute
    over workloads and case allocation.

    She said: “The document now recognises the registered
    status of social workers.”

    However, Thomas said morale among strikers was mixed.
    “They are concerned about a backlog of work when they get
    back. [But] the overwhelming feeling is relief that it is all

    Council chief executive Sir David Henshaw said: “We are
    now looking at working with all staff to modernise the

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