Action learning programmes for voluntary sector need funding

    More funding should be available for action learning programmes in
    the voluntary and community sector, according to Jane Watts,
    project manager at the Action Learning for Managers project.

    Since starting three years ago, the project has coached hundreds of
    senior managers.

    The work consists of a set of meetings in which managers discuss
    workplace problems and issues with their peers. The meetings often
    focus on management development and leadership issues.

    Watts said: “Each person gets equal time to talk through an issue.
    Your peers ask questions and this helps you develop an insight. You
    then leave with a series of action points.”

    She added that managers were often isolated in their place of work
    and relished the chance to meet others in similar roles. “The whole
    process allows people to work together better.”

    Julie Hawkins, chief executive of Barnet Voluntary Services
    Council, who has participated in the learning, agreed. “Your
    thinking is challenged and you can explore different dimensions of
    your work,” she said. “It is a good opportunity to share resources
    and knowledge. Some of the issues I have raised include staff
    relationships and the supervision of staff.”

    The ALM final report confirms that action learning improves
    motivation and confidence among senior managers.

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