A short introduction to psychoanalysis


    Jane Milton, Caroline Polmear and Julia Fabricius,

    ISBN 0761971874, £16.99

    Star Rating: 4/5

    In spite of being a “short introduction”, this book is packed
    with solid but digestible information which amply describes the
    essence and value of psychoanalysis, writes Lisa Bernard.

    The authors have ensured that the reader will understand the
    pathology and main theories of the subject by conveying sometimes
    complex material in a clear and comprehensible manner.

    Particularly interesting is the chapter on psychoanalysis in
    differing cultures. There is also a clear explanation of how
    psychoanalysis is used outside the consulting room.

    Case study extracts, while proving informative at times, do not
    always seem appropriately used, particularly when illustrating work
    with young children. Otherwise, this well-written and
    understandable book will be useful to a cross-section of
    professionals as well as the general public.

    Lisa Bernard is a hospital social worker in

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