Adopters jailed for poisoning toddler

    A couple were jailed for the manslaughter of a three-year-old
    boy they planned to adopt at Worcester Crown Court last week.

    Ian and Angela Gay were given a five-year sentence for poisoning
    Christian Blewitt with salt.

    He and his younger brother and sister had been placed for 13
    weeks with the Gays in November 2002 but he died five weeks

    A serious case review being carried out by Sandwell area child
    protection committee is expected to be completed soon.

    Angela Saganowska, the council’s executive director of social
    inclusion and health, said: “This is a sad case indeed. For all
    those who knew Christian, this must have been a deeply upsetting

    But she added that, in this case, the judge had made no
    criticism of the adoption process.

    Felicity Collier, chief executive of Baaf Adoption and
    Fostering, said: “It is always difficult to predict how new
    adopters will cope with the stress of parenting a child who may be
    sad about leaving their previous foster carers and may initially be
    very rejecting.”

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