Government needs to promote economic wellbeing of children

    The government has been weaker on promoting economic wellbeing
    than on the other four outcomes for children in Every Child
    , according to a leading civil servant,
    writes Mithran Samuel.

    Naomi Eisenstadt, head of the Sure Start unit, said that poverty
    was the key barrier to children’s life chances, but the government
    had prioritised the other outcomes, on children’s health, safety,
    achievement and contribution to their communities.

    She said: “I think we are really strong on the first four
    outcomes and quite weak on the last (economic wellbeing).”

    She added: “It’s harder to be healthy when you’re poor. It’s
    harder to stay safe when you’re poor. It’s harder to do well at
    school when you’re poor.”

    Eisenstadt, who was addressing a session on integrating
    children’s services at Community Care Live – Children and
    , said it was vital that Ofsted’s new inspection
    framework, which measures schools against the five outcomes,
    “actually bites”.


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