Scottish commissioner to investigate treatment of asylum seeking children

    The children’s commissioner for Scotland today pledged to look
    at the way asylum seeker children whose claims have failed are
    deported, writes Amy Taylor.


    Speaking at Community Care Live Children and Families
    in London, Kathleen Marshall said that she would also examine the
    effect deportations had on other children.

    Marshall said that she had heard about families being taken from
    their houses early in the morning with no notice and that she was
    concerned about the effect it had on the children concerned.

    She added that she was also concerned about the distress caused
    to the child’s friends at school when they were removed and that
    sometimes their friends didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

    “What message does that send out to other children in our
    country?” she said.

    Marshall explained how a head teacher had told her that when a
    child was removed it was as if they had died with no one having any
    knowledge of what had happened to them.

    She added that deportations with no notice also caused other
    asylum seeker children to be scared that they could be next.

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