The Big Question

    Angie Lawrence
    Single mother
    All schools include citizenship in their curriculum. I know of
    Christian schools that help young people manage in our
    multi-cultural society. I wasÊeducated at Roman Catholic
    schools. This did not make me intolerant. Other issues are bigger
    contributors to breaking down cohesion.

    Len Smith
    Gypsy activist
    Single faith schools are fine, so long as they follow the same
    curriculum as all other schools. Their religious teaching should be
    focused on their faith but should cover other faiths. On the other
    hand, mainstream schools are probably lacking in their coverage of
    faiths and ethnicities.

    Nasrin Parvaz

    Iranian refugee
    The teaching of any religion in schools is wrong. Children are not
    born with religion – it is taught socially. Teaching religion is a
    form of brain washing. It is far better to keep religion out of
    schools and let people discover religion, if they wish to, in their

    Joan Scott

    Action Unlimited
    Schools should be mixed faith so that people can learn from each
    other and can also practis e their own religion freely. Children
    should be treated equally and schools should encourage them to talk
    about different religions and about living together in the

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