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Website: http://www.youngcarers.net/
Run by: The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
Who is it for?: young carers, their parents, and the professionals who work with them
Highlight: plenty of practical tips
This is site is useful not just for young carers but for those around them too. Information for young carers is divided into four sections covering caring roles, school, feelings and where to go to for help. Advice is offered on a range of issues including young carers’ rights, money matters, and problems such as bullying. There is also an interactive section where young people can chat online and post questions. The site has separate areas for education, health and social care professionals and youth workers, providing them with tips on how to identify and help young carers. Parents can also benefit – the section for them suggests ways to get help for their child and themselves.

Website: http://www.youngaddaction.org.uk/
Run by: drug and alcohol treatment charity Addaction
Who is it for?: young people who want to learn about drugs
Highlight: real life scenarios
This is the young people’s section of Addaction’s main site. It provides detailed information about the different drugs, including the effects that they have and the risks involved in taking them. The site offers real life situations that young people are likely to find themselves in and gives them choices over how to respond. They can then see the consequences of the action they chose, as well as what would have happened had they chosen a different response. Advice is provided on how to change habits and keep out of trouble, but perhaps the most useful tips are on effective ways of saying no.


Website: www.kiddiesvillefc.com
Run by: Scottish Executive
Who is it for?: 3-8 year olds and their teachers and parents
Highlight: the painting game

This football themed website is intended to teach children about diversity. The football team – Kiddiesville FC – is made up of players from a range of backgrounds and with different abilities. There are animated stories written in verse which contain moral messages such as the importance of thinking about other people. In “adultsville” there are suggestions for ways to encourage children to think and talk about different cultures and places in the world. But most exciting of all is the games area where you can paint in colour on the screen and play snap.



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