0 – 19 Book Review: Parent Problems

Parent Problems: Looking back at our parents

Jennifer Flowerdew and Bren Neale

Young Voice 2004

ISBN 1-903456-20-7

Star Rating: 5/5

When I was given this book, with its brightly coloured front
cover, photographs of kids either staring forlornly at the camera
or smiling bravely with the title in a font that I have a feeling
might actually be called ‘Kids’ I thought it was going to be a
dismal cocktail of self-pitying anecdotes, peppered with phrases
like “and then my school work started to go downhill…”. I am
thrilled to say, however, that my pessimistic and cynical
prediction was quite wrong, writes Olivia Martin.

This book is in fact made up of quotes from young people from
ages six to 16, talking about their experience  with
great honesty.

Sometimes what the kids say is negative, for example ‘I never
see my dad now. I used to see him a bit but I just didn’t like
him.’ Despite its sometimes heart breaking content, this opening
phrase from 11 year old Paul made me smile.

The lack if any dramatics and the simplicity with which this is
said is so touching and affecting.   Another thing about this book
is that it actually made me think; “yeah… I’m not the only

Reading other people’s experiences of switching between parents
from house to house  I can relate to the difficulties we share, and
the positive things that have emerged from the way our
‘arrangements’ have evolved.

For anyone who wants a genuine account of how a divorce, or
parental break-up is for the children involved, this book provides

Olivia Martin is 16

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