What Works For Children And Young People With Harmful Sexual Behaviours?

    Hacket, Barnardo’s

    ISBN 1904659055, £12.99



    This book, part of Barnardo’s “What Works” series, is written by an
    experienced former specialist practitioner who is now an academic
    researcher, writes Andrew Durham.

    The book promotes evidence-based practice and stresses the
    significance of building high-quality therapeutic relationships
    with children and young people. It emphasises the necessity of
    developmentally-sensitive practice and the importance of drawing a
    distinction between adolescents and pre-adolescents. The book
    supports a holistic approach that recognises uniqueness and
    diversity, and the wider needs of children and adolescents, rather
    than focusing on factors specific to offences. This approach builds
    on children and young people’s strengths.

    The book concludes that interventions broadly based on a cognitive
    behavioural framework, with a strong relapse prevention element,
    should be tailored to specific individual needs. Although this is a
    short book, it draws together a great deal of current thinking and
    is essential reading for practitioners.

    Dr Andrew Durham is consultant practitioner with the
    sexually inappropriate behaviours service (Sibs), Warwickshire

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