Too many single mothers struggle to make ends meet

More than half of the estimated 1.75 million lone parents in the
UK are living in poverty and nine out of 10 are women, according to
research collated by the Prince’s Trust, writes
Clare Jerrom.

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In the lead up to Mother’s Day, the charity warns that too
many women are struggling to make ends meet and highlights that
many are held back by a lack of qualifications, training and
affordable childcare.

“While the majority of single mothers want to work when
they are able to, developing skills, confidence or getting work
continues to be a struggle,” said Leslie Morphy, director of
programmes and policy at The Prince’s Trust.

The Trust recently launched its ‘Working Women’
campaign which aims to raise £2 million to support
disadvantaged young women. The money will go towards helping young
mothers with childcare costs and support young women starting their
own businesses.

They will also provide training for mentors to help young women
leaving care, ensure young women in prison learn appropriate skills
and help young females from different faith communities.

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