Book Review – Story-telling with children in crisis


Molly Sallans

Jessica Kingsley

ISBN 1843107457, £15.95

Star Rating: 4/5

Describing home-based therapeutic work in real-life chaotic
families, this book has relevance to anyone working with children
and families. Although written in a US context the essence of the
work applies to the UK, writes Claire McNicol.

The text has traditional stories to tell which embody universal
themes ranging from an Arthurian tale to a rhythmic
African-American story. The stories are set in the context of
different family problems, and detailed process recordings
illustrate their impact. A simple structure to enable story
creation with children is outlined and children’s stories punctuate
the text along with reflections on the therapeutic process.

The book is structured so that several case examples are
discussed in the same chapter, which can be a little confusing. 
What is most helpful is the author’s readiness to discuss her own
doubts and vulnerabilities. 

Claire McNicol is a national storytelling development
worker with Children 1st  in Scotland.


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